Beauty Rebel:
The Photography & Blog of Jennifer Esperanza

My photography is the outward expression of the deep love that I feel in my heart.

Since I was a child I have felt so much love for this realm & that feeling was at times hard to contain.

My camera is my best friend & is my tool for grounding.

I am a survivor of extreme violence and I believe in kindness.

For decades I have worked to heal.

I bring my understanding of human struggle & grace to the work I do with others.

My blog is my Love Manifesto.

I invite you in to my life in the form of stories & pictures.

We as humans are all interwoven in so many ways.

We are interwoven with each other & with this earth & her creatures, with the ocean, the stars & beyond.

It is time to cast away the old ways that are steeped in fear & competition.

This is often a hard life for so many, for this I always hold Love in my heart.

I like to take it down to the dirt to get real, to listen, to travel to learn & to make pictures.

Jennifer Esperanza

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Mary's Black Gloves by Jennifer Esperanza