The Strange • Desert Rock • Young Outlaw Band from Santa Fe New Mexico

The Strange • Desert Rock • Young Outlaw Band from Santa Fe New Mexico

The Strange

the Young Outlaw Band from Santa Fe New Mexico play

Bad Ass ~ Honest

Desert Rock & Roll

I grew up with four brothers. I grew up running, jumping, swinging on rope swings, swimming, wrestling, riding my bike & playing outside all day mostly with boys. I was not a tomboy I was just free & liked to play hard. When I was older I listened to Rock & Roll on the radio. I believed in the rough & tumble heart of self expressed boys and men who played rock & roll. There were many dreamy times being rocked to the core in so many ways & all part of the romance of my youth.

Fast forward to now.

I am a seasoned music photographer

& I believe in the band

The Strange.

The Strange are my clients, they are my friends, they are Santa Fe’s own hometown honest Rock & Roll band ready to take on the world with their hard fought, heart felt own brand of Desert Rock.

The Strange, yellow wall, ABQ, NM, New Mexico, Rock & Roll, Jennifer Esperanza

~ The Strange photographed in ABQ New Mexico ~ © Jennifer Esperanza

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I first met young guitar genius Daniel Murphy AKA Color Blind Poet through his mom Luisa Kolker. He & his mom have become family friends of mine. 

~ Daniel Murphy AKA Color Blind Poet in the pool at his house ~ Santa Fe, New Mexico 2010 ~ Photo © Jennifer Esperanza

~ Daniel Murphy AKA Color Blind Poet in the pool at his house ~ Santa Fe, New Mexico 2010 ~ Photo © Jennifer Esperanza

Daniel Murphy, Luisa Kolker, Jennifer Esperanza

~ Daniel giving a deep felt, moving & funny talk on Spirituality & his mom, my friend Luisa & his dad ~ Photo © Jennifer Esperanza


The Strange, Desert Rock, Daniel Murphy, Rock & Roll, NM, New Mexico

~ Daniel Murphy so wild & free ~ Photo © Jennifer Esperanza


Luisa says of The Strange ~

“The Strange embody a new kind of masculine energy

strong, passionate, male heart-warrior energy in balance with kindness, creativity and a true respect of the feminine.”

I agree with Luisa.

Daniel Murphy says of working with me ~ 

“Jennifer is the epitome of an intuitive, professional photographer”
“we talk about golden ears in the music industry, well she’s got golden eyes”
“Working with Jen is always organic and fun, she’s so efficient in spite of her obvious attention to detail and composition” Daniel Murphy
The Strange, men, ABQ, New Mexico, Jennifer Esperanza, band, Music photography, Rock & roll

~ Beautiful Men of The Strange ~ Photo © Jennifer Esperanza

The Strange & I were slated to do a huge photo shoot when they were a different band.

All of the Santa Fe Music & culture scene was heart broken when  Andrew Davey, former bass player of The Strange took his own life not long ago. I remember when Luisa messaged me on facebook the morning he was found dead.  

After much support from family, community & friends & lots of inner work the band re-grouped, re-formed. They kept their name & were joined by their big handsome bass player Andy Diekman.

Yesterday Andy wrote this to me as I had asked him for some words for this blog.

“So about my experience with The Strange…
As you may know I was asked to join under the unfortunate circumstance. Of andrew’s death. I felt at first I would have a little trouble fitting in, even though I have been friends with the boys for a while. I’m older, clean cut, have a kid, and am in the military. Pretty much the opposite of Andrew. I felt like I could never fill his shoes in the looks and charisma department, he is hard to trump. It was actually in your photo shoot where I looked at the pictures and realized how much I have bonded and now fit in with these guys. I feel blessed and honored to fill the shoes, and I am thankful for being a part of the strange’s continuing journey.”  ~ Andy Diekman

The Strange, Santa Fe, New Mexico, Andy Diekman, Bass, Rock & Roll,

~ Andy Diekman Handsome & True Bass Player of The Strange ~ Photo © Jennifer Esperanza


The Strange, Rock, Rock Bamd, Rock & Roll, Santa Fe, New Mexico, Jennifer Esperanza

Andy Diekman of The Strange ~ Photo © Jennifer Esperanza

~ The Playful Boys of The Strange ~ ABQ, new Mexico 2013 ~ photo © Jennifer Esperanza

~ The Playful Boys of The Strange ~ ABQ, new Mexico 2013 ~ photo © Jennifer Esperanza

Justin Lindsey who is the song writer & lead singer of the strange is a good friend of mine. I am dear friends with his partner, singer Felecia Ford. Justin also has played guitar in The Broomdust Caravan for years & Felecia is the lead female singer in this band.  I photograph The Broomdust Caravan very often. I have traveled with The Broomdust Caravan, partied with them & photographed many of their shows. It is Justin who I have photographed most often because I have photographed him in each of these Santa Fe Bands.

Justin says of The Strange ~

“The Strange sounds more like an era rather than a genre.
Music is feeling and emotion manifesting into sound.
I learned early I didn’t want to be a great guitar player, I wanted to be a great musician.”

~ Justin Lindsey sings from his heart ~ Photo © Jennifer Esperanza

~ Justin Lindsey sings from his heart ~ Photo © Jennifer Esperanza

The Strange, Rock Band, Rock & Roll, Jennifer Esperanza

~ Justin Lindsey of The Strange ~ Photo g Jennifer Esperanza


Justin Lindsey, sundog, light, bright, The Strange, NM, New Mexico

~ Justin • Ski Santa Fe ~ Photo © Jennifer Esperanza

Justin is devoted to kindness, peace & love. He is a very thoughtful young man.

“My favorite musicians are the ones who have the ability to change peoples lives through love and compassion. Or have the ability to open peoples hearts to accept and give love and compassion.” ~ Justin Lindsey

When I asked him to name a few such musicians he sent me these names ~ 

Bob Marely, John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix & Tom Petty.

music, The Strange, music photography, Jennifer Esperanza NM, New Mexico

The Strange • ABQ, New Mexico ~ Photo © Jennifer Esperanza

When I told drummer Braden Anderson that younger men often treat me with more respect than men my age do, one day when we were having a coffee meeting, he said “That’s because most of us were raised by single moms.” These powerful words stuck with me.

When I asked Braden for some words for this blog this is what he sent to me & he wrote

“I mean every word of it. Thanks again” ~

“We recently had a chance to work with Jennifer for a photo shoot for our band The Strange.  We couldn’t have imagined how well it would end up turning out.  The photos all came out EXTRAORDINARILY great and we couldn’t have been happier.  The final product was not only professional but also pushed the boundaries of “band photos” as so many people are used to seeing them.  Of course we voted for a few standard “band” shots, the likes of random stares in different directions, or the over-used “line-up and don’t smile” shot.  Luckily Jennifer brought us into a zone that really inspired us to take the shoot to the next level.  She got us thinking about movement, and how to best portray our sound and mission through these static shots.  This is the difference between working with a simple ‘photographer” and working with an ARTIST like Jennifer Esperanza.  The shoot itself was as much fun as any of our live shows.  Jennifer was really able to bring out the best in us, things we didn’t know we could even do.  Not only did the shoot provide us with some really, really, REALLY good shots that we have been using in our national campaign with excellent feedback, but gave us a new perspective on how and why we do the things we do, and why our music is what it is.  We are a new band now, after having worked with Jennifer and would recommend her services to ANYONE who wants a professional shoot,  maybe a little spiritual guidance in the process, and a new view of who you are.  Jennifer doesn’t just capture images.  She captures life.” ~ Braden Anderson

Drummer, Braden Anderson, The Strange, Rock, Rock & Roll, Santa Fe, New Mexico

~ Drummer Braden Anderson of The Strange ~ Photo © Jennifer Esperanza

Drummer ~ The Strange, fun, action, NM, New Mexico, Jennifer Esperanza

~ Drummer of The Strange ~ Braden Anderson ~ Photo © Jennifer Esperanza

So there it is  ~ The Strange are so talented ~ so grounded ~ so Ready To Rock You to Your Core. ~ I Believe in the hearts & talents of these young men.  May they find great success & spread the music & love that is Desert Rock ~ that is The Strange. As they travel out from Santa Fe may they travel well & may the road bring them everything they want & more.

Paz y Amor ~ Jennifer Esperanza xox


The Strange, Andy, Justin, Daniel, Braden, music, Jennifer Esperanza

~ Head Shots for The Strange ~ Photo © Jennifer Esperanza

The Strange, Desert Rock, NM, New Mexico, ABQ, Jennifer Esperanza

~ The Strange ABQ, New Mexico 2013 ~ Photo © Jennifer Esperanza

The Strange on Facebook ~ please go there & “LIKE” them  … xox


The Strange, rock & roll, band, men, young, Jennifer Esperanza, music, photography, NM, New Mexico

~ The Strange • Desert Rock ~ Photo © Jennifer Esperanza

The Strange, NM, new Mexico, Jennifer Esperanza, music, NM, New Mexico

~ The Strange • Rock & Roll Outlaws ~ Photo © Jennifer Esperanza

The Strange, Rock & Roll, Jump, New Mexico, Jennifer Esperanza

~ The Strange ~ Jump ~ Photo © Jennifer Esperanza

The Strange, Rock & Roll, US, New Mexico, Jennifer Esperanza

~ the Strange ~ Close Up ~ Photo © Jennifer Esperanza

The Strange Up Coming Tour Date {so far}

May 10th- Railroad Blues (Alpine, TX).
May 11th- Dreamcatcher (Ruidoso, NM).
May 18th- Planned Parenthood benefit show (Albuquerque, NM).
May 24th- Cowgirl (Santa Fe, NM).
May 25th- Marble Brew with Stem Ivory and Travis Joel (Albuquerque, NM).
June 1st- Blackbird Buvette with Beard and Psykick Monkey (Albuquerque,NM). 
June 8th- House Concert at VICKY FRANCES WOOD’S HOUSE with Broomdust Caravan.
June 21st- Spirit Room (Jerome, AZ).
June 22nd- (Flagstaff, AZ). 
July 5th- Isotopes baseball stadium (Albuquerque, NM).
July 18th- with John Courage & The Great Plains (Santa Rosa, CA).
July 19th- Abbey Tavern (San Francisco, CA)
July 20th- Mucky Duck (Monterey, CA)
July 21st- two shows at Frog and Peach (San Luis Obispo, CA).
July 23rd- Grant & Green (San Francisco, CA). 
July 24th- Marilyn’s (Sacramento, CA).
July 25th- Torch Club (Scramento, CA).
July 26th- Johnny B’s (Medford, OR).
August 9th & 10th- Montrose Saloon (Chicago, IL).
August 11th Reggie’s (Chicago, IL).
And many more…….

The Strange, Rock & Roll, NM, New Mexico, Santa Fe

~ The Strange Live ~ Photo © Jennifer Esperanza

The Strange, NM, New Mexico, Jennifer Esperanza, Music Photography

~ The Strange don’t forget to let them rock you ~ Photo © Jennifer Esperanza

The Strange on The Casita De Broomdust with Man No Sober Pod Cast

 The Strange • Don’t Go to Fresno!

on Casita De Broomdust with Man No Sober Podcast #14 ~ Check it out
With hosts Johny Broomdust & Eric George

The Strange, podcast, Jennifer Esperanza, music

~ The Strange on the CDB Pod Cast ~ Photo © Jennifer Esperanza


  • Mary Ellen

    11.05.2013 at 12:12 Reply

    FANTASTIC!!!! Great job, great band… <3

  • Felecia Ford

    12.05.2013 at 07:46 Reply

    I love the Strange and their music!! What a heart felt beautiful blog about 4 men who are so full of talent, looks and LOVE! Thx Jennifer! Xo,ff

    • Jennifer Esperanza

      12.05.2013 at 12:44 Reply

      Thank You Felecia ~ I love you so much !!! ~ Rock it to the Core … Always xox

  • Justin Lindsey

    13.05.2013 at 12:54 Reply

    Thank you so much!! We love you!! Gorilla photography at it’s finest.

    • Jennifer Esperanza

      13.05.2013 at 15:02 Reply

      ha ha ha Justin ~ thanks for the Love & Yes … Gorilla Photography is the finest & so Super FUN! ~ GO!

  • Justin Lindsey

    13.05.2013 at 13:05 Reply

    Added a date- July 27th- Fox & Goose in Sacramento, CA

  • Braden

    14.05.2013 at 13:12 Reply

    Jennifer, you never cease to amaze me with your take on artistic life. Not living artisticaly, necessarily, but SEEING and RECOGNIZING the inherent art OF Life.

    • Jennifer Esperanza

      14.05.2013 at 13:27 Reply

      Oh Thank You Sweet Braden for your kind words & for your friendship. Yes I do see it ~ but honey … I live it too.
      I want only the very best for you & The Strange.
      I Believe in You
      Paz y Amor, Jen

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