Human Trafficking Survivor ~ Wellness & Kundalini Teacher Pavandeep Kaur Khalsa

 Pavandeep Kaur Khalsa 

Human Trafficking Survivor & Advocate ~

Addictions Counselor ~ Kundalini Teacher

“Survivors of sex slavery are the only ones that can free themselves.

My mission is to provide the tools to accomplish that state of

deep healing.”

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My Kundalini Teacher ~ Pavandeep Kaur Khalsa ~ photo © Jennifer Esperanza


I am very moved by the vision & work of my Kundalini yoga teacher & friend. Pavandeep Kaur Khalsa. She is a loving & powerful young woman who has survived so much. 

Each month for over four years I have featured people working for Earth Justice & Social Justice on my Green Planet page in Santa Fe’s Art & Culture monthly magazine, THE magazine.

This month I am thrilled that THE & I can bring you the story of this remarkable social justice & wellness advocate. Please read this short piece on her & if you find it in your heart rise up to help her with her clear & loving vision.

In Kindness Always, 

Jennifer Esperanza

Human Trafficking, survivor, THE magazine, Pavandeep Kaur Khalsa, NM, New Mexico, Santa Fe, Jennifer Esperanza
Pavandeep Kaur Khalsa ~ Green Planet ~ June 2013 ~ Photo © Jennifer Esperanza

 Pavandeep Kaur Khalsa 

Human Trafficking Survivor, Advocate, Addictions Counselor, Kundalini Yoga Teacher” Survivors of sex slavery are the only ones that can free themselves. My mission is to provide the tools to do accomplish that state of deep healing.”

 Pavandeep Kaur Khalsa teaches Kundalini Yoga at Yoga Santa Fe, in Santa Fe, New Mexico. In 2012 she founded The Isis Project. The Isis Project is devoted to helping women heal from the abuse of rape, domestic violence, incest and human trafficking. 

 Pavandeep is in the process of writing her story, a book titled My Body, My Soul. This memoir, My Body, My Soul is about betrayal, sex slavery and her own path to personal healing. It is her passion and her life’s work to help women in New Mexico and all over the globe heal and become empowered.

 Rancho de Cielo is a recovery ranch that Pavandeep is creating on 20 acres of land in Northern New Mexico. Her mission at Rancho de Cielo is to promote wellness & recovery in the lives of human trafficking survivors. The work at this recovery ranch is based on a holistic recovery approach including; daily yoga and meditation, learning about sustainable lifestyle, nature therapy and alternative healing in conjunction with the clinical services that the women will be receiving out side of the ranch.

 If you would like to help Pavandeep Kaur Khalsa with her good work please contact her. • 

 Text By Pavandeep & Jennifer

 Photographed at The Santa Fe Canyon Preserve, Santa Fe, New Mexico • May 12, 2013 by Jennifer Esperanza





  • Mandy

    Wow. I would love to meet her one day..she seems like a very very beautiful person inside and out! This just warmed my heart. God bless her!


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