~ Ghost Hunt a Poem by Jennifer Esperanza ~

~ Ghost Hunt a Poem by Jennifer Esperanza ~

Ghost Hunt 

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~ Prayer by the side of the road in Taos, New Mexico ~ Photo © Emily Esperanza ~ Photo Shop by Jennifer Esperanza

Ghost Hunt

Soon after my birth
the ghost of my great grandmother came to visit me in the cradle.
She floated in surrounded by light and feathers

After her visit ghosts just kept coming to me
or did I follow them?

They call me in whispers & around corners
They rush around me
They throw things & comb their hair in the mirror, dogs see them.

My first camera was made of hard black plastic.

The squeeze of the shutter had a clunk of a sound.

The catch of an image is a ghost hunt ~ the walk between the veil of the worlds

My soul is the press of a camera & I have danced with ghosts.

Poems fall through, they fall into my head.

I dream that we are made of star dust, bone, blood & heart muscle.

This life is a death dance.

The ground writhes under us with the bones of the dead.

I am a mummy in Peru, sitting in a cave dead for centuries.

Once a young girl now dead forever,

My hands eternally fixed in prayer. 

Now my hands are dancing, making shapes

They are making mudras

My hands are making tortillas.

My feet are pounding the ground forever, my hips are rolling back and forth,

My skirt makes circles as I spin.

© Jennifer Esperanza  10/01

excerpt from “September 11 The Santa Fe Stories”
Monologue Workshop & Performance


  • Josef Tornick

    03.05.2013 at 11:02 Reply

    wow, that is beautifully written!

  • Katherine Guidry

    03.05.2013 at 13:19 Reply

    so beautiful…thank you for sharing…in 2001 I went to the Tribal cafe on a regular basis to be around other people that did not think shopping was the answer to the NY attack…so many beautiful souls live in Santa Fe and you are one of them

  • Alexandra Eldridge

    30.05.2013 at 08:10 Reply

    You are a damn good poet!!!!

  • Astrid Uryson

    23.09.2013 at 06:06 Reply

    Oooh Jennifer I love reading your poetry!!! it lifts me up and invites me into this wondrous world of juicy words,images,emotions and stories suspended in time…..they take me for a ride that might even change when I read them again!

  • Astrid Allan

    23.09.2013 at 06:55 Reply

    I’ve read this poem of yours before and love it very much. Love you, your images and poetry xox

    • Jennifer Esperanza

      21.11.2013 at 00:33 Reply

      Oh Wonderful ~ Thank You Astrid for your friendship & Love … xox, Jen

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