Free to Fly • A Studio Visit with Painter Josie Adams

art, artist, Josie Adams, NM, New Mexico, studio visit, Jennifer Esperanza, woman artist,

Free to Fly • A Studio Visit with Painter Josie Adams

” Everyone has their place.

I have found mine, I am a Painter,

I like to make things.” 

Josie Adams

Artist, Josie Adams, Art, Artist, Painter, Studio, Studio Visit, Jennifer Esperanza, NM, New Mexico, Birds, Paintings

Artist Josie Adams in her New Mexico Studio • Photo © Jennifer Esperanza


Jodie Adams, Artist, NM, New Mexico, Art, Painting, Jennifer Esperanza, Studio Visit, Paintings

Artist Josie Adams • New Mexico Studio • Photo © Jennifer Esperanza

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 My partner, artist Richard Kurtz and I visited Josie Adams and her man Shawn Green in their New Mexico home and Josie’s studio last Sunday.

We first sat down and ate a great salad and tamales with peach salsaShawn played us some good music as we all laughed and talked.

We then spent time in Josie’s sun filled studio.

She showed us her work & talked about how loving & helpful Shawn is to her and her art making process. They are a beautiful couple with a great romantic story. 

Josie has a real brightness about her & a huge smile.

Her home and her paintings reflect her kind spirit. 


Art, Studio, Josie Adams, Flowers, Yellow, Paintings, NM, New Mexico, Jennifer Esperanza, Studio Visit

Spring Flowers in the Studio of Josie Adams • Photo © Jennifer Esperanza


hand, brade, artist, Josie Adams, mudra, heart, painting, Studio Visit, Jennifer Esperanza, NM, New Mexico

Playful Mudra • Artist Josie Adams in her studio • Photo © Jennifer Esperanza


On Josie Adams’  Facebook public figure page she describes herself as an  

avid painter, mom, partner, rollerblader, motorcycle maniac and

trampoline trickster.

She lists her interests as ~

 Sharing nature and all it’s bounty with family and friends.

Jumping toy cars on my super rasta Honda XR100 motorcycle.

Reviving the fine art of nocturnal urban rollerblading.

Skating vert ramps in remote desert locations.

In other words Josie is super fun!


art, artist, Josie Adams, NM, New Mexico, studio visit, Jennifer Esperanza, woman artist,

Josie Adams in her New Mexico studio • Photo © Jennifer Esperanza


Josie Adams, Starr Adams, family heart painting, studio Visit, Jennifer Esperanza,

Super Loving mom Josie Adams holding a photo on her iPad of her son Starr Adams • Photo © Jennifer Esperanza

“My partner Shawn finds the materials that I use in

my work.

We are super committed to recycling.”


partners, Josie Adams, Shawn Green, Jennifer Esperanza, paintings, Studio Visit, love

Partners Josie Adams and Shawn Green • Photo © Jennifer Esperanza

Birds are messengers, they carry the truth.”



painting, art, Studio Visit, Josie Adams, Jennifer Esperanza, paints, bird

Painting in process in Josie Adams studio • Photo © Jennifer Esperanza



Josie has been a working artist for over 30 years.

She has an MFA from Rutgers University

The new body of work she is painting has the working title of

“My Mama Made Me Strong.”


Paintings, Art, Studio Visit, Jodie Adams, NM, New Mexico, Jennifer Esperanza
Josie Adams • Studio Detail • Photo © Jennifer Esperanza

Cheech & Richard in the studio …. xox


Richard Kurtz, Cheech, Josie Adams, Studio, Studio Visit, Jennifer Esperanza

Richard & Cheech in Josie’s Studio © Jennifer Esperanza


Treasures found by Shawn & Josie are everywhere … xox



ART, Josie Adams, red, studio, Jennifer Esperanza

Josie with letters found by Shawn • Photo © Jennifer Esperanza

Richard and I left Josie’s studio on Sunday afternoon feeling uplifted and inspired, what could be better?

All Love to the makers of Music & Art ~ by their Love and

Super Powers we are Graced


Jennifer Esperanza



friends, artists, NM, New Mexico, Jennifer Esperanza

Artists Shawn Green • Josie Adams & Richard Kurtz © Jennifer Esperanza


Artists, Shawn Green, Richard Kurtz, Jennifer Esperanza, Josie Adams, NM, New Mexico, Studio Visit

Shawn Richard & me by Josie


  • Jennifer Ladwig

    27.03.2014 at 09:53 Reply

    Inspiring Art- feels so free .cool couple xox

    • Jennifer Esperanza

      27.03.2014 at 12:34 Reply

      Thanks Jennifer for reading my blog & for your kind words ~ xox, Jen

  • Grant Taylor

    27.03.2014 at 16:49 Reply

    What a beautiful / blog / piece . . . I don’t think you could have expressed your joyful experience through words and images more than you have here . . . . thank you for the “share.”

  • Alexandra Eldridge

    27.03.2014 at 21:24 Reply

    Oh, Jennifer! thank you for this celebration of this wonderful artist and the people in her life and her environment. Such joy and color everywhere. Once again, working your magic! Love, A

    • Jennifer Esperanza

      27.03.2014 at 22:40 Reply

      Thank You Sweet Alexandra ~
      I have know Josie for some time, as I have you.
      It is important for me to tell some beautiful stories
      about the people who I care for.
      Love to You,

  • David Baca

    08.07.2015 at 16:03 Reply

    Nice work Josie!

  • C. Whitney-Ward

    04.08.2016 at 22:06 Reply

    Loved this blog piece…loved….

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